Frequently Asked Questions relating to the Academic Program, Student Life and the Admission Process.

Do you have College Placement Services in your school?

We have a College Placement Office. Our Director of College Placement is responsible for ensuring that all students receive College Placement Services. This process begins initially in the Freshmen year and then continues more intensively in the Sophomore, Junior and Senior years. C-M students are introduced to the Naviance Family Connection program in freshman year. This online program assists students and their families through the entire college application process. The College Placement Counselors ensure that student’s applications meet the deadlines and have all the supporting documents to complete their application. In addition, students are made aware of scholarship opportunities that are available to them.

What percentage of your students go on to college?

100% are accepted to college; 96% of the students that graduate from Chaminade-Madonna go on to a college or university and 4% enroll in the armed services, service academies, or vocational schools.

Where do your students attend college?

Our students are accepted to the finest colleges and universities in the country. Many of our students who receive the Bright Futures scholarship choose to remain in the state of Florida and attend a state college or university. The Florida state university system is one of the finest in the United States.

What are the school hours?

School begins at 8:00 AM and dismissal is at 2:45 on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, unless otherwise noted. Tuesday and Thursday dismissal is at 1:40, unless otherwise noted.

How many periods are there in a day?

Periods A/1, C/3 and H/5 meet on red days and B/2, D/4 and I/6 periods meet on blue days. Period J/7 only meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

How many students are in your school?

There are approximately 575 students enrolled at Chaminade-Madonna. By our own choosing, we maintain a small, family-like and academically challenging environment where “everyone knows your name.” Our size limits us in no way when it comes to academics, activities and sports.

What is the average class size in your school?

Our average class size is 14 students.

What is the student to teacher ratio?


What sports do you have available for students?

Chaminade-Madonna believes that physical activity is valuable for its own sake and that vigorous exercise is complementary to the educational process of the school. Within this context for human development, it is the mission of the Chaminade-Madonna Department of Athletics to offer a wide range of high quality programs which will encourage and facilitate all participants to realize opportunities for championship athletic participation, physical fitness and well-being. Chaminade-Madonna participates interscholastically in the following sports:

LionsLady Lions
Cross Country Cross Country
Flag Football
Swimming Softball
Tennis Swimming
Track and Field Tennis
Volleyball Track and Field
Wrestling Volleyball

What clubs and other student activities do you have available for students?

At Chaminade-Madonna, we provide all members of our community with opportunities to lead and participate in different clubs and activities. We believe that involvement in co-curricular activities aids in the molding of our young people, while giving the adults in our community an opportunity to share their gifts and interest with students outside of the classroom. In student activities, the Marianist philosophy is evident in that teachers and students work cooperatively, side by side, to achieve a common goal. Relationships are built, bonds are formed, and traditions are created through the convergence of various backgrounds and experiences.

Click HERE to view a list of available student activities and special interest clubs.

What is the passing Entrance Exam Score for 9th Grade Applicants?

There is not a “passing score” on the Entrance Exam. The Entrance Exam scores are reported as Percentiles (NP) and Grade Equivalents (GE). A Percentile is a number that lets you know how your child scored based on all other students who took the test. If your child receives scores in the 75th Percentile that means that he or she scored better than 75% of the students who took that test.

Do Transfer Applicants have to take an Entrance Exam?

At this time there is NO Entrance Exam for Transfer students.

What information do you use to make the Admission Decision?

For incoming 9th grade applicants : We look at Entrance Exam Scores, 7th and 8th grade report cards, Application Responses and Principal’s recommendations. We take all factors into account. Applicants are ranked along with all other applicants.

For Transfer Applicants: We look at High School Transcripts, Application, and the Interview. We also contact the student’s current school to find out any insights that they may have on the applicant.

What are the minimum criteria that we look at for transfer applicants?

The minimum requirements for us to consider an applicant is that the student must not be missing any required courses, and must have over a 2.0 GPA. These are the minimum graduation requirements and therefore the minimum Admission Requirements. It should be noted that meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. We will then consider all transfer students for a specific grade for the available openings that we have in that grade.

Do you give Academic or Athletic Scholarships?

No. We do however have Tuition Assistance (financial aid) for those that need it. If you qualify for Tuition Assistance the amount is deducted from your bill. You do not pay this amount back.

How do I apply for Financial Assistance?

Applicants can apply online at https://online.factsmgt.com/signin/3D7V6. Please refer to our website's home page for information on applying for financial assistance.

How do I apply to the Learning Center?

All Learning Center Applicants must complete the same process as all other applicants. In addition to the regular Admissions process they must also contact the Director of the Learning Center for information on the program and the other documents that are required specifically for the Learning Center. Learn more about the Learning Center.

Under the direction of Ms. Angela Canosa, C-M Art students drew portraits of Syrian refugees. The artwork was delivered to the kids in Syria. Watch the video, to see how the artwork brought to Syria, made a difference in their lives.
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